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Ladies, do you need a last minute costume? The solution is hanging in your closet, a Little Black Dress (LBD)!

Most everyone has a Little Black Dress (LBD) in their closet and with the right accessories, the costume ideas are endless.  Don’t have a LBD (Little Black Dress)?  No problem, just wear all black (black skirt/shirt/leggings/pants).  Check out our ideas and suggestions for a do it yourself-last minute costume, most of these items you already own, just don’t over think it,



Classy or Wicked Witch

A LBD (little black dress) is perfect for dressing up as a Witch. Accessorize with a black hat adorned with flowers & feathers, magic wand, a cape, long pointy nails and a broom is all you need!  If you want to pay homage to the Wicked Witch of the West, add a latex witch nose & gobs of green face paint and can make you look perfect for 2017 Halloween.

Death Eater

Portray your evil side as a female death eater and pair your LBD with a black leather corset or wide black belt, black leather gloves (long/short/fingerless), black hooded cape and shoes/boots.  Go a step further and add a skeleton mask or face paint.


Cruella De Vil

Her name says it all!  The cruel villain in 101 Dalmatians is an iconic character and you’ll look vicious in your LBD as Cruella De Vil.  You will be easily recognized as this Disney villain wearing a white & black wig, or coloring your hair with washable black & white hair spray paint.  A white faux fur coat or stole will top the look off, just add black polka dots. If you don’t have any fur, use a white silk scarf/belt/purse/boots, as long as your outfit contains something white with black polka dots you will easily pull off the look.  Don’t forget to add a long cigarette holder, stockings & red gloves to complete the look.



Where there’s trouble, you will find the poor little orphan, Esther.  The terrifying adopted girl from the movie Orphan takes only a few items.  You can get the look for Halloween by pairing your LBD with a choker collar (black ribbon), ribbons (part your hair & put in high pony tails), and a mean expression or hallowed look using eye shadow.  Take it to the next level by smearing your eye makeup and carrying a bloody fake hammer.


Holly Golightly

This classic character played by Hepburn won’t send chills down the spine, but will certainly make you look classy in your LBD. Complete the look with accessories such as shades, a cigarette holder, beads/costume jewelry, and black gloves.  A tiara or faux Stoll/coat will complete the look.  Don’t have a tiara or faux fur, add a large floppy black hat.



Being the most evil being under the sea might be the trick to a fantastic Halloween look. With this character, it’s all about the makeup & hair!  Over exaggerated eye brows, blue eye shadow & red lips will set the stage.  Add a wig or style your hair straight up & use washable white hair spray paint.  Pair a LBD with purple leggings, seashell accessories i.e. necklace, hair barrette or black chocker (ribbon) & don’t forget the long black gloves.  Go a step beyond by adding strips of tulle to simulate tentacles.



A LBD is ideal for dressing up as a sexy vampire for 2017 Halloween. Complete the look with a few accessories including fangs, collared cape, sexy bat stockings, black boots, Goth makeup, red lipstick and artificial nails.  Finish the look by wearing a black wig or wear your hair down & add a widows peak with eye liner.  Take it to the next level by adding a corset, gothic choker/or ribbon choker, drops of fake blood around your mouth & a vampire bite tattoo on your neck.


Cat Burglar

Get ready to steal the show & turn heads by becoming a cat burglar this Halloween. A LBD topped off with black opaque tights/leggings, a black eye mask, cat ear headband & tail, black boots & black gloves.  Carry a money bag for extra affect!


Kylo Ren

A feminist spin to the Star Wars may be perfect for the Halloween celebrations. Accessorize your LBD with all black accessories i.e. opaque tights/leggings, hooded cape, shoes, gloves & carry a Kylo Ren light saber, to set off the look smoothly.


Dark Angel

Flaunt your wicked streak by dressing up as a dark angel in your LBD. Black angel wings, halo, dark eye makeup and tattered or distressed leggings/tights/hosiery will spice up your look. A corset & strappy stilettos will take it to the next level.


The bottom line is, don’t over think it!  This year, it’s all about the ACCESSORIES!  The accessories will make your costume recognizable and you will not be asked the awkward question, “What are you supposed to be?”  


Additional LBD costumes: Flapper, Cleopatra, Wednesday Addams, Elvira, Cat woman, Bat girl, French maid, pirate, black swan, evil queen, sexy puppy dog, cat, spider, bat, voodoo priestess, police or swat woman.


The list goes on and on.  For assistance with creating your Little Black Dress costume, be sure to shop Twisted Halloween, the staff offers personal assistance & the store carries a large selection of unique accessories. 

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